20. Januar 2006

jakob maruen

da ist der kleine jakub maruen!
herzlich willkommen auf dieser erde,
du kleiner hübscher, fauler junge....

die anderen fotos folgen noch, habt etwas geduld.

please, if you leave me a comment,
leave me as well a hint who you are...
that would be very nice.



Anonymous Anonym said...

Nice baby! Congratulations!
I like the picture in which the baby is seen far away, with the rest of the room in ample view. The others are good, but that one is a "true photographer picture".
Color and selective focus are well chosen too.
Of course a handsome model helps too....

1:18 nachm.  
Anonymous Anonym said...

Well, I just saw the post about the hint… no trouble about that. But just a hint for now… ok?
Some of the comments are in english, some in not very good german, but most of them have some (positive) critical opinion about the pictures from a photographic point of view, like the judgment a friend teacher could offer.

12:55 nachm.  
Anonymous Anonym said...

Ja, das stimmt. Neugeborene sehen fast immer schön aus, deshalb halten auch alle so dicht drauf. Aber der Zauber, der auf so einem kleinen Leben liegt, den spüre ich in dem großen leeren Bett. Komm gut an in dieser zerrissenen Welt, kleiner Jakob.

4:05 vorm.  

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